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Bringing Sassoon to Edmonton from the Academy in Santa Monica, California

I write this blog today reflecting on our recent trip to the prestigious Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica and as always, I am full of pride for the team of amazing women at Soho and their commitment to excellence.  The art of cutting hair is a constant journey for perfection and after 4 years of business in Edmonton, I'm certain that it's Team Soho's passion for life long learning that makes our little salon stand out from...

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A Soho Wedding in Paris!

After two weeks away from Soho, I couldn't be more excited to be back working in the salon as a married woman!  As many of our clients know, I had the opportunity to spend a full week at the Vidal Sassoon Masters Academy taking a bespoke Colour Creatives class in London, England.  The class was intensive and even more than that, very inspiring. In the coming weeks I intend to write a blog post about...

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