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Bringing Sassoon to Edmonton from Santa Monica

I write this blog today reflecting on another amazing year at Soho and I am so proud of the team once again.  We've been back in Edmonton for only a week since our trip to the Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica and the results have been amazing.  After five days of in-depth training at the academy, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the hair leaving the salon since the training is some of the best it has ever been and our clients have had bigger smiles than ever before.


Ashley:  abc | Mens Cutting Diploma
Jodi:  abc | Mens Cutting Diploma
Christine:  abc | Womens Cutting Diploma
Kayla:  abc | Womens Cutting Diploma
abc | Womens Cutting Diploma
Carole:  abc | Mens Cutting Diploma
Jaylene:  abc | Womens Cutting Diploma

Salon Team Sitting Front Row At Sassoon Class
The early bird gets the worm!  
Team Soho sitting front row every day.

Sassoon Academy Notes Brought Back To Edmonton
Notes, notes and more Sassoon notes.

Sassoon Academy Notes On Board

Notes, notes and more Sassoon notes.

Sassoon 2014 Spring Women's Collection
Sassoon's beautiful Sping 2014 Hair Collection

Team Soho Sitting In Sassoon Classroom with Three Teachers
Training with live models at the Sassoon Academy

Team Soho in action!

Learning from the best!

Team Soho in action!

The art of styling hair is a never ending pursuit of perfection and I'm thankful that the entire styling team at Soho has a passion for continuous, life long learning.  Closing the salon for an entire week for training is never an easy decision but coming back and working side by side the best salon team in Edmonton makes it all worth it.  Enjoy the photos and the next time you are in the chair at Soho be sure to ask your stylist about our recent trip to the Sasoon Academy!

Carole Lemire


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