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Urban, Contemporary, Elegant, Inviting

It's All About The Details

Every aspect of the design of Soho was thought about with the client in mind. We are proud to have a salon like no other in Edmonton which includes beautiful Antares tile imported from Spain, the world famous Nick Arrojo cutting chairs and the exquisite Plush series shampoo stations from Belvedere. To top it off, our clients can relax with a Starbucks coffee while basking in the glow of the fireplace while sitting in our waiting area.

Soho's Salon Lighting


Internationally recognized by the world’s top salons, most recently by Paul Mitchell’s salon in Beverly Hills, the breakthrough Minardi lighting system, imported from NY, truly separates Soho from the pack. Minardi lighting produces a precise quality of light that is perfectly balanced while harmoniously blending the warm and cool tones of natural daylight to allow for perfect hair color.

Minardi Color Perfect Lighting includes three different lighting fixtures, ambient, task and mirror. The ambient light is the workhorse of our salon environment and spreads an even canopy of bright light while simultaneously showering the salon with a soothing down light. The task light focuses directly on the client’s head, allows the stylist to evaluate, color and bathe the immediate area with a perfect balance of intensity and brilliance. The mirror light adds warmth to the room, eliminates circles under the eyes and adds a warm glow and healthy look to the complexion. We guarantee you’ve never seen yourself in this light before.

Soho's Salon Lighting


Soho's Salon Seating Soho's Salon Seating Soho's Salon Seating Soho's Salon Seating Soho's Salon Seating


You may know former Vidal Sassoon stylist Nick Arrojo from the hit NY television show What Not To Wear. After visiting Soho Master Hair Stylists, you will also know him for his ability to create the most stunning, elegant and comfortable styling chairs known to man. Chrome armrests and an upholstered seat with stitching detail are what make the Arrojo Styling Chair so uniquely extraordinary. Clean, straightforward lines are accentuated by the rich detail in this chair. Simple in design, but highly functional in every area of comfort, the Arrojo Styling Chair is our salon masterpiece.


Seating is one of the most important elements of hairdressing and no expense was spared to bring our guests the most luxurious chairs in the industry. Starting with the shampoo stations, the Plush line from Belvedere is elegant in design and has recently set the industry standard in comfort and relaxation. Made of soft brown leather, it is highly likely, that in combination with a lengthy Soho head massage, you will struggle to stand up.

Soho's Salon Flooring


Often overlooked, the flooring at Soho has been imported from Spain and hand selected with careful consideration by Soho Master Hair Stylist, Carole Lemire. The beautiful metallic, 12*24 stone tiles give the illusion of a rusted steel floor that has been power polished to bring out Mother Nature’s most modern browns and metallic bronzes. So nice you’ll feel guilty for stepping on it.


The crisp white environment in Soho is a clear background and a clean palette, which accurately showcases the hair color and the hair design. Sharp, clean and glossy surfaces, along with the stunning Minardi lighting system, give the space a natural glow, perfect for color perfection and master hair design.