Soho Product Education

Rather than feeling that you have to pile wax on top of creme on top of spray, we’ll educate you about each product individually first. Though you'll naturally gravitate to several favorites, we’ll do our best to introduce you to your adventurous side!


Oribe & RandCo

Luxury Hair Care

A world class product line from one of the most influential hair stylists of all time; it defines luxury in hair care. Combining over 25 years of styling heritage at the peak of the editorial and salon worlds with old-world craftmanship and cutting-edge innovation from the most sought-after styling professionals, the Oribe line delivers the highest possible levels of innovation, performance and sophistication.

Oribe products deliver genuine formulations with gels that condition, sprays that do not clump of flake, skincare-grade shampoos, oils that hold and prep hair for the rigours of styling while protecting it from the elements. All are lightly scented with bespoke French perfumes from Paris.

Oribe Product Knowledge


This anti-humidity finishing spray shields hair from frizz on the sultriest of days (and nights), protecting sleek blowouts and perfect curls alike. Miami-tested.


Get hair higher with weightless mane-plumping mist. New age polymers swell each hair shaft for incredible lushness, natural body and brilliant luster.


Positive Chemistry for Hair

It's the avant-garde of hair products; revolutionary in composition and design. Created by Vidal Sassoon's son Elan, and a team of advanced chemists, Sojourn hair products are carefully formulated at a ph level of 4.5-5.5, the normal range of hair with the highest quality and most advanced blend of Keratin cashmere protein and Cystine amino acids that strengthen, protect and support the health and well being of hair.

  • Amazing long-life colour protection
  • Pure Keratin Cashmere throughout the line
  • No sulfates + No alcohol + No sulfates
  • 100% biodegradable

Sojourn Headlines

We are proud and very excited to announce Soho Master Hair Stylists was selected as the first salon in Edmonton and in Canada to carry the exclusive and luxurious Sojourn Beauty product line. In just a few short months since it's release, Sojourn has received acclaim and attention from several international fashion and style magazines.