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Soho voted Best Salon In Canada By Fashion Magazine

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Edmonton Salon

Relax and recharge at Edmonton's best salon, Soho Master Hair Stylists. Bringing the luxury and sophistication of NY's uptown with the edge and modernity of Manhattan's hottest neighborhood, our customers always discover the excellence of fine hair care.

A Soho look lasts - with shape cut into your hair by a master stylist, it stays there so you can easily re-create the salon look yourself. You don't need sticky styling products to hold the hair into a style. That's why at Soho we "finish" rather than "style".

Our experienced team has carefully chosen to use the finest products that have been designed to give you invisible control of your look, for hair that feels salon "fresh" everyday.

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Inspired by Sassoon, Influenced by NYC

Vidal Sassoon is hands down the most influential hair stylist in the world and the entire team at Soho specializes in presicion cutting and colouring the Sassoon way. You can be assured that our entire team combines creative talent, brilliant technique and a fierce passion for the craft to provide exceptional Sassoon inspired hair styles and always with a smile!

With each new season, comes an exciting new Sassoon hair collection which truly sets the trends across the entire hair industry. Here are a few of our favourites borrowed from the latest collections at

New York Skyline
Inspired by Vidal Sasson Inspired by Vidal Sasson Inspired by Vidal Sasson Inspired by Vidal Sasson Inspired by Vidal Sasson Inspired by Vidal Sasson Inspired by Vidal Sasson Inspired by Vidal Sasson Inspired by Vidal Sasson Inspired by Vidal Sasson Inspired by Vidal Sasson Inspired by Vidal Sasson

Latest posts from the Soho Blog

A runway to New York, London, Paris & Milan

The Soho Academy

August 08, 2018 – Months in the making and years of preparation have brought Soho to an exciting moment in its evolution! Carole Lemire, Stylist, Educator and Salon Owner is launching a new training academy in her salon in Edmonton, Alberta. (read more)

Carole Receives an Award and Industry Recognition from the Province!

June 10, 2018 – “The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board Awards” was held on April 13th, and Carole was formally invited to this ceremony, after being nominated in the category of “Top Mentor” by stylist Kayla. This event was held to recognize not only hairdressers, but people in all trades across Alberta. (read more)

Part 2 - Our trip to the Mazella & Palmer Academy, London, England

June 10, 2018 – On the second part of our trip Carole, Jaylene, and Ainsley took an additional “3 Day Dynamics of Cutting Course” to further their education, at the Mazella&Palmer Academy. The Academies team educates throughout the world, teaching the concepts of “Not just how to cut hair, but why”, and “Advantage Through Technique”. (read more)

Part 1 - Our Trip to the Vidal Sassoon Academy, London, England

June 10, 2018 – This is a reflection on our Soho annual educational trip that took place in May of 2018, at the prestigious Sassoon Academy in London, England. Sassoon training is globally recognized as the ultimate in hairdressing education. And for the past 60 years the reputation of Sassoon Academy has been built on developing and providing world-class education. The anticipation myself and the girls felt for this trip was quite strong, and it had finally come to fruition. (read more)

Job Posting: Salon Receptionist Edmonton

September 10, 2017 – The Soho Master Hair Stylist family is expanding and we are looking for a new Salon Receptionist. Danielle, our current receptionist, is expecting a little one and we would like to find her replacement by November 1, 2017. The position is full time and is crucial to the day-to-day success of our salon. (read more)

Soho @ Sassoon in London, UK!

October 03, 2016 – In 2005 I took my first Sassoon Creative Cutting Course in London, England and it truly altered the course of my life and the path of my career in an incredibly meaningful way. It was during that course that I found my way onto Sassoon’s path. Exactly five years later and six months after I opened the doors at Soho, I found myself back in London at the Sassoon Academy. (read more)