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Carole Lemire - My Photo Journal

Enjoy a few fun photo's taken over the years of the talented people that have filled my head with the most amazing education and my heart with genuine inspiration. 

Receiving my certificate for the Salon Creatives Cutting Class at the Masters Academy School in London, England in 2007. These two Vidal instructors changed the course of my career.

Artisic Director of EC, Ashley Harrison and Eveline Charles.  I started my career at Bianco Nero working for Eveline in 1998.  She was an amazing mentor for close to 14 years and never stopped inspiring or believing in me.  I owe her so much and will forever cherish the years I spent working by her side. 


A member of the artistic team from the famous Maximus salon in New York.


Meeting Nick Arrojo at the Chicago Hair Show 2008. Nick is a celebrity hair stylist worked for Sassoon for 10 years and is now based in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City and is a revered stylist, educator and business man.  (Nick designed the chairs that we use in Soho)


John Guest and I, he is the Senior Creative Director at the Santa Monica Sassoon Academy 2008. He is a creative genius and I loved learning from John.


The world famous Stephen Moody and l in 2008. Stephen is the current International Executive Director of Vidal Sassoon Education globally and has been with Sassoon since 1980. I learned so much from him and received my second Sassoon certificate from him.

Robert Lobetta and I in 2008, Robert is Sebastian’s Creative Director and has been called a genius and one of the most creative hairdressers of his time. It was an amazing opportunity to meet him.

Vivienne Mackinder and I in 2009. She was the Artistic Director for Sassoon and Trevor Sorbie in London England, she received the North America Hair Styling Awards “ Life Time Achievement “ 2009 and is the Fashion Director for Inter Coiffure North America 2010 and she held an amazing class.


Taking a cut and color class with the winner of Canada’s Slice Superstar Hair Challenge, Anthony Crossfield. He is a sought –after stylist based out of Vancouver and sits on the Global Visionary for Wella International. Learned a lot from him.


Outside the front entrance of one of my most favourite places on earth.  The Vidal Sassoon Master Academy just of off New Bond Street in London, England.


Faye, Silvia, Jean Baptist, Caroline, Lucas and I at the Vidal Sassoon Masters Academy where I received my Bespoke Creative Color Certificate after my 5 day one-on-one class in London, England in 2011.

A trip to Coco Chanel's (picture inset) first Boutique opened in 1910 on 21 rue Cambon in Paris, France.  Coco was a self made women and she is a daily inspiration for me.

Alexander McQueen The MET NYC
Aside from Vidal Sassoon, Alexander McQueen has had the most impact on my life both personally and professionally.  Visiting the Savage Beauty exhibition at The Met in NYC was a life highlight.

Tracey Sakosits - Regional Creative Director for Sassoon
Tracey Sakosits, the Regional Creative Director for Sassoon from L.A taken in Toronto, Ontario.

Carole Lemire and Mark Hayes
Mark Hayes, International Creative Director for Sassoon.  Having the opportunity to learn and work under Mark's direction will forever be a highlight of my career.  See the pictures here.

What a great experience!  Est-elle Academy of Hair Design commercial on City TV.  Read about it here.

Carole At Sassoon Academy Mens Barbering Class
Mens Barbering Diploma at the Sassoon Masters Academy in London, England (2013).

A legend Tim Hartley
Bumping into cutting legend Tim Hartley (bottom left) outside of the Academy in London, England.

Carole Lemire - Mens Barbering
Receiving my Sassoon Mens Barbering Certifcate at the Sasoon Academy in Santa Monica, California.

Carole Lemire and Dawn Bradley
Amazing day training with Dawn Bradley and learning about her phenomenal hair painting and balayage techniques!

Carole Lemire & Johnny Ramirez & Anh Co Tran
A dream come true. Hands on training with Johnny Ramirez and Anh-Co Tran from Ramirez/Tran Salon in Los Angeles, California. These two innovators have uniquely formulated the way celebrities and clients from around the world wear their hair. Johnny and Anh-Co invented the modern concept of Lived In Hair.

Carole-Lemire and Rebecca Taylor
The Queen Of Mermaid hair. Rebecca Taylor was an inspiration and I had an amazing day in Las Vegas embracing her Naturals to Vivids painting techniques.  

Carole Lemire and Tina from Vidal Sassoon
Out of all of my training and education, I am most proud of completing my Sassoon Salon Educator Level 1 course. This course filled me with confidence and strengthened my teachining abilities by ten fold and improved my team's technical cutting skills. Thank you Tina!

Carole Lemire & Mazella Palmer
Mazella & Palmer...these two talented global educators are internally renowned for traveling the world and teaching the concept of "Not just cutting hair, buy why?". Their attention to detail and thoughtful education style inspired me and I loved every minute of training with them in London, England.

Three mind-blowing days spent in NYC learning from Victoria and Larry, co-founders of Whittermore House Salon and the true inventors of hair painting.

Carole Lemire and Ashely Norman
Ashley Norman has 14k+ Instagram followers and l loved my time training with her in a private colour class in Los Angeles, California. I left my time with Ashley feeling empowered with a new tool belt of dimensional hair colouring techniques.

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Carole, your passion for the industry inspires me every day!! Thank you :)
xo Jenna

Hey Carole,

I loved this post! It is great to get a glimpse into the many incredible experiences you’ve had in the industry, and the people that you’ve met. I’m sure they feel just as thankful to have crossed paths with you!

WOW Carole,

It is absolutely amazing to see how many famous people in the hair industry that you have met and worked beside druring your unbelievable worldwide travels. I feel blessed to be one of your client’s as I think you are an outstanding person and hair dresser!! Here’s to you girl as you live out your dream with SOHO Master Hair Stylists!!! Congrats and Thank You :)

Carole, I’m amazed at how many professional people you have met and were influenced by them. Am really happy for you and again congrats and keep up the good work.

July 03, 2011

Wow Carole, i’m so glad i came across your website. As a stylist I sometimes get discouraged with my abilities and skills these day more then ever. You have truley inspired me to keep going. Its such a blessing to be be reminded why i started this journey to begin with. Many more blessing to you girl. you are offically my muse.

I used to be one of your more than satisfied clients in Edmonton and now that I am back in Montreal I have to admit….I miss your genius tremendously!

Anyone you would recommend in Montreal?

Thanks! Jes

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