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Looking For A Beautiful Sassoon Inspired Cut?

I am looking for approximately 9 hair models, any age, for a 2-day classic cutting class held at Soho June 27 and 28, (short, medium and long hair) for the styling team at Soho. The fundamental techniques that I will be teaching are the purest form of Sassoon cutting using the proven “form follows function” philosophy. Mastering these fundamental techniques will provide each Stylist at Soho with the best skills necessary to understand the dynamics of hair, which when perfected, will enable us to create individual haircuts for all of our clients.

The dates are as follows:

June 27 @ 1:30pm + 3:00pm + 4:30pm
June 28 @ 10:00am + 1:00pm + 3:45pm

The first series focuses on the technique of lines and its combinations, showing how to cut lines of various angles and lengths in isolation and in combination with graduation and layering. Concentrating on graduation and its different applications,

The second series shows how to build up weight and length in shapes with the emphasis on longer internal shapes with movement.

The third series is concerned with layering and its variations; the emphasis is on shorter internal lengths combined with different external lengths and weights.

If you or someone you know is interested and would like a beautiful Sassoon cut at no charge, please email us at  We are hoping to find 3 models with short hair, 3 models with medium length hair and 3 models with long hair.   

Our building blocks and inspiratiom for the training series come from the photos below.

Edmonton Hair Salon Training Inspiration

When emailing us please include your cell number, your prefered date/time and length of hair.

Thank you in advance!

Carole Lemire
Soho Facebook Page


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