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Vidal Sassoon's Bauhaus Inspired House

Every so often I catch myself I wondering what a day in the life of my idol and mentor Vidal Sassoon is like. The man single-handedly changed the world of women's hair in the 60's by creating the now famous five-point cut on Mary Quant.  I've read quotes and stories over the years on the impact architecture has had on Vidal and his style of cutting and I've always wondered what the inside of his house might look like. 

When I can came across some pictures of Vidal's house on Adriana Sassoon's blog, I was excited to see that his house is something similar to what I always imagined it would be.  Inspired by the famous Bauhaus School of Design, it seems to me to be a place that one would never tire of.  Or you could say, it's my dream house.

Here are some photo's of Vidal and his wife Ronnie's house that were published in Architectural Digest.


Carole Lemire
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Vidal Sassoon inspires my life still to be the best hairdresser i can be.,and that not a under statement.