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Soho Featured In Canadian Hairdresser Magazine

Three years ago Soho was born and a year after we opened the doors, we were selected by Fashion Magazine as one of the best salons in the Canada.  It was an unbelievable feeling and seeing Soho's name in a major fashion magazine for the first time is something I will never forget. 

I am excited to report that it has happened again and this time we were the featured salon in the largest industry magazine in Canada, Canadian Hairdresser Magazine. Although a last minute editorial error added spa to our name, the article was extremely flattering and the pictures were great.

A snippet from the write-up:

Soho prides itself on the meticulous and carefully designed elements in every facet of the client's experience.  Stylists are hand selected through an intensive audition process and are led by Top Ten Alberta Hair Stylist of the Year and Wella Trend Vision National finalist, Carole Lemire. From their team of professionals to their world class famous Nick Arrojo cutting chairs, to the Beth Manardi lighting system imported from New York, every detail seems to have been chosen to evoke a sense of comfort and class. The Belvedere Line, Plush shampoo stations and matching brown leather styling chairs contrast against a crisp and clean finish throughout the salon and metallic stone tiles that give an illusion of rustic steel floors. Truly a testament to attention to detail.

Cover Page

Soho Canadian Hairdresser Magazine

I have been receiving this magazine every month since the day I started my styling career over 15 years ago and when I received the call to explain that Soho had been selected, I quite literally got teary eyed. I am so proud of Ashely, Jodi, Jaylene, Kianna, Christine, Dani and the other amazing stylists who have worked at Soho. The salon would not be what it is today without them.

Carole Lemire
Soho Master Hair Stylists

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Congratulations to the amazing staff at Soho, you all are the best of the best!

Jan Pohl
August 17, 2013