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Bringing Sassoon to Edmonton from the Academy in Santa Monica, California

I write this blog today reflecting on our recent trip to the prestigious Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica and as always, I am full of pride for the team of amazing women at Soho and their commitment to excellence.  The art of cutting hair is a constant journey for perfection and after 4 years of business in Edmonton, I'm certain that it's Team Soho's passion for life long learning that makes our little salon stand out from the crowd.

It's never an easy decision to close the salon for an entire week but in the short time we have been back from our training from at Sassoon, it's been glaringly apparent that the work leaving the salon is some of the best it has ever been and more importantly, the smiles on the faces of our clients have been bigger than ever before.

Congratulations ladies!

Edmonton Salon Team Class Photo
Ashley:  abc | Mens Cutting Diploma
Jodi:  abc | Mens Cutting Diplima
Christine:  abc | Womens Cutting Diploma
Kayla:  abc | Womens Cutting Diploma
Kianna:  abc | Womens Cutting Diploma
Carole:  abc | Mens Cutting Diplima
Jaylene:  abc | Womens Cutting Diploma

Team Soho Sitting Front Row In The Classroom
The early bird gets the worm!  Team Soho sitting front row every day.

Classroom Notes - Cutting Hair The Sassoon Way
Notes: Precision cutting the Sassoon way

Spring 2014 Collection - Ladies Hair Styles
Spring 2014 Sassoon Salon Collection

Teachers At The Front of The Class
Our amazing teachers at Sassoon

Action Shots from Classroom Training
Action Shots:  Kianna, Kayla, Christine and Jaylene

Action Shot Collage from Classroom - Carole Ashley Jodi

Action Shots:  Instructor Tina, Jodi, Ashley and Carole

The next time you are in the chair at Soho in Edmonton, be sure to ask your stylist about our recent trip to Santa Monica.  We've got an exciting toolbelt full of new techniques for spring, the most exciting season of the year!

Carole Lemire

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