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California to Edmonton - Our week of advanced hair training in CA

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I am so excited to write this blog! The Soho Styling Team recently had the incredible opportunity to take a five-day private Bespoke Cutting Class at the Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica and a one-day private color class at Butterfly Loft. It was simply amazing! North American Creative Director, Traci Sakosits and Creative Director, Cole Thompson spearheaded our class at Sassoon. Our week was hyper focused on understanding and gaining foundation knowledge of the graduation technique as this is the most difficult hair cutting technique to master. The course also helped us understand shape, sectioning, creative cutting and men’s barbering. The Sassoon course will go a long way to help understand and solve any hair problem confidently and give us the knowledge to create virtually any precision haircut we desire. 
Our color class at Butterfly Loft was lead by the amazing Alexis Thurston, David, Masey and Jacqui.  They spent the day teaching us their confidential super secrets of the trade.  We left the class with a deep understanding of their ultra complex techniques; balayage, color melt, ombre, hair painting and sombre techniques using vivid and pastel colors. The day was jam packed with ah-ha moments! We are so excited to bring all of these incredible and sought after color techniques to Edmonton and Soho! 

Carole Lemire

Soho Girls In Sunny California
Team Soho - Sunny California!

Graduation Day At Sassoon Academy
Graduation Day at the Sassoon Academy

Team Soho Butterfly Loft Salon
Graduation Day at the Butterfly Loft

Bespoke Hair Training At Sassoon
Training with Cole at Sassoon

Studying Advanced Hair Styling with Traci and Carole
Training with Traci at Sassoon

The entire Soho Team in action!
Team Soho in action!

Training at Butterfly Loft
Training at Butterfly Loft with Alexis, David, Masey and Jacqui

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