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The Soho Academy

The Cutting Series 

Months in the making and years of preparation have brought Soho to an exciting moment in its evolution! Carole Lemire, Stylist, Educator and Salon Owner is launching a new training academy in her salon in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Soho Hair Academy Cutting Series program consists of three levels (L1, L2, L3) of certificate classes. The classes, limited to 5 students each, will each offer a certificate, can be taken individually and in any order. 

The goals of the Cutting Series program are to:

  • help stylists attain a higher level of performance and knowledge in hair cutting,
  • provide opportunities to refine and master key skills, and
  • ​expose stylists to classic, contemporary, and modern cutting methods.

The Cutting Series classes combine theoretical background, live demonstrations, and hands-on practice in every class. It is recommended that students have at minimum attended or are currently 50% complete a Provincially approved 1400 hour/1 year Beauty Culture program from a recognized educational institution.

The Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses have been designed for apprentice, junior, intermediate and advanced stylists who want to deepen their foundational cutting knowledge and sharpen their precision cutting skills.

Soho Academy - Carole Lemire Hair Training

Level 1 - Foundation Certificate

The class focuses on essential techniques and provides a theoretical foundation for future excellence in hair cutting.

Upon completion of Level 1, learners will be able to:

  1. Define the terms line, graduation, and layer
  2. Describe the benefits and challenges of line, graduation, and layer.
  3. Explain how the shape of sections affects the final overall shape of the hair.
  4. Draw and interpret head sheets.
  5. Select appropriate products and tools for different hair styles.
  6. Describe different blow drying techniques and when to use them.
  7. Explain the importance of balance and cross-checking.
  8. ​Demonstrate various finishing techniques.

Register for this class | Sept 23 + 24 | $595

Register for this class | Oct 5 + 6 | $595

Level 2 - Precision Certificate

The class builds on the techniques and theory covered in Level 1, with the introduction of more advanced concepts like overdirection, elevation, and tension. Client consultations and suitability are also discussed in detail.

Upon completion of Level 2, learners will be able to:

  1. Explain how over-direction is used to control hair shape.
  2. Combine line, graduation, and layers to create a desired shape.
  3. Describe the relationship between elevation, tension, and technique.
  4. Draw and interpret head sheets.
  5. Define geometry.
  6. ​Choose suitable shapes and techniques for clients based on their head and face shape and their hair characteristics.

Register for this class | Oct 21 + 22 | $595

Register for this class | Nov 4 + 5 | $595

Level 3 - Creative Certificate

The class is an advanced class for stylists who enjoy the creative side of hair cutting! The main focus of Level 3 is disconnections, as well as modern, lived-in haircuts. Important concepts like overdirection, elevation, tension, and suitability will also be reviewed.

Upon completion of Level 3, learners will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate precision and creativity with a lived-in haircut.
  2. ​Demonstrate a skillful use of disconnections.

Register for this class | Nov 18 + 19 | $595

Register for this class | Dec 2 + 3 | $595

Carole Lemire, Educator 

Carole Lemire with Training Educators


Carole Lemire, owner of Soho Master Hair Stylists, is an incredibly passionate hair stylist and certified educator who eats, breaths and lives hair and fashion on a daily basis. A firm believer in the phrase, “you’re only as good as your last cut”, Carole credits her success to having a mentor early on in her career that forced her to take her trade and education path seriously and since then, Carole has spent her career investing in continuing education.

Carole is a certified Sassoon Educator, a Wella Master Colourist, has placed Top 10 in the Wella Trend Vision Competition, has taken over 10 diploma courses at Sassoon Academies in Toronton, Los Angeles and London, England and has trained with industry titans such as Mark Hayes (International Creative Director of Sassoon), Traci Sakosits (North American Creative Director of Sassoon), Stephen Moody (Wella North American Education Director), Mazella & Palmer, and Johnny Ramirez & Anh Co Tran (Academy Ramirez Tran).

Since opening her salon, Carole has focused on giving back to her industry and in the last eight years she has mentored numerous apprentices that have gone on to become licensed hair stylists. This fact was most recently noticed by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board who awarded Carole with the 2017 Top Mentor Award.
Carole Lemire - Edmonton Salon Mentor Award

*For more information about private training classes hosted in your salon or if you have questions about Soho Academy calsses please email or call 780-465-7646. 

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