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Jan McCarthy, Stylist - A big future at Soho!

As a stylist who has spent 15 years in the hair industry, watching young up and coming stylists succeed never grows old for me.  What is most exciting is that we have just such a stylist at Soho.  Jan McCarthy has been working at our salon for exactly two weeks today and the positive feedback on his work has been overwhelming.  When I received this email last night from a first time Soho client, I couldn't...

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BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Soho Master Hair Stylists

EDMONTON, Alberta, Sept. 10 - Newswire BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Soho Hair Salon Director Josee Manning and her husband Blair are expecting their second child! The stork is expected to land with the new baby during the 3rd or 4th week of March 2011.  Reports from inside Soho Master Hair Stylists say that the entire team at Soho Master Hair Stylists could hardly contain their excitement when they learned of the news.  It was also reported...

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