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March 2011 Archives

Carole Lemire - My Photo Journal

Enjoy a few fun photo's taken over the years of the talented people that have filled my head with the most amazing education and my heart with genuine inspiration.  Receiving my certificate for the Salon Creatives Cutting Class at the Masters Academy School in London, England in 2007. These two Vidal instructors changed the course of my career.   Artisic Director of EC, Ashley Harrison and Eveline Charles.  I started my career at Bianco Nero...

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Travel Kits have arrived at Soho!

BREAKING NEWS:  Soho Master Hair Stylists has eliminated the need to ever cheat on your hair again.  With the new Soho Travel Kits you'll be able to pass on second rate hotel shampoo and during a family vacation, you'll be able to politely turn down the bottle of Head & Shoulders at your in-laws house.  Conveniently designed to meet all of the TSA's liquid travel requirements, you'll be able to keep your Sojourn Beauty products by...

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Lia Mundorf: A new Stylist at Soho!

Many of you have already met Lia as she has been working at Soho for the past month but today we are thrilled to officially introduce Lia to the world!  Lia is set to begin taking clients on March 29th and in the mean time is looking for models to get aquatinted with Soho and our Wella colour line.  If you or someone you know is interested in a $15 cut or $40 colour (March 14-28),...

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