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A fun story about Kate Middleton

When Greg and I went to London & Paris earlier this year to get married, Greg spent a few days on his own touring London during the day while I was in school.  He spent much of his time visiting all of the Royal sites and during his tours found a new appreciation for the Monarchy.  Little did I know when we got home he found that the domain name was for sale.  After...

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Do you know someone who could be a Soho hair model?

Hello all,  I'm wondering if you can help?  I am looking for an amazing hair model (age doesn't matter) for a photoshoot this Monday, April 25th. The shoot is for the Wella International Color Trend Vision Competition.  If I am lucky enough to get to the finals, it will mean a trip to NY for both myself and my model.  The inspiration for this shoot will come from either of the four looks below.  I...

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