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Part 2 - Our trip to the Mazella & Palmer Academy, London, England

Carole, Jaylene and Ainsley on Day 1 at the Mazella & Palmer Academy On the second part of our trip Carole, Jaylene, and Ainsley took an additional “3 Day Dynamics of Cutting Course” to further their education, at the Mazella&Palmer Academy. The Academies team educates throughout the world, teaching the concepts of “Not just how to cut hair, but why”, and “Advantage Through Technique”. Mazella&Palmer has the understanding that the stylists coming to them for...

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Team Soho at the Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica

My first Sassoon course was in London at the Masters Academy School in 2005. I sat all by myself, super nervous in a creative cutting course. There were eight stylists in the class, one from India, one from Italy, one from London and the other four were from a salon in Moscow, Russia.  I’ll never forget dreaming of one day taking a class with my very own team of stylists who love Sassoon as much...

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