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Jump Into Spring 2012 With The Hottest Colours

With every season comes an exciting palette of new fashionable colours and this spring is no different.  If you've ever wondered what colours are in style, a site that I have grown to love is A global authority on colour and colour trends, regularly surveys the designers of New York Fashion week months and months in advance of a particular season and many of the major fashion houses use's recommendations when designing...

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Fall 2011 Women's Fashion Trends

Fall is always one of my most favourite times of year.  There is something about a change of season that I find inspiring and the Fall 2011 women's fashion line up looks to be one of the most exciting in a long time. The upcoming fashion season brings with it some brand new looks, some revitalized looks from the years gone by and most exciting of all is the fabulous colour lineup.  In almost a...

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A fun story about Kate Middleton

When Greg and I went to London & Paris earlier this year to get married, Greg spent a few days on his own touring London during the day while I was in school.  He spent much of his time visiting all of the Royal sites and during his tours found a new appreciation for the Monarchy.  Little did I know when we got home he found that the domain name was for sale.  After...

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