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Part 2 - Our trip to the Mazella & Palmer Academy, London, England

Carole, Jaylene and Ainsley on Day 1 at the Mazella & Palmer Academy On the second part of our trip Carole, Jaylene, and Ainsley took an additional “3 Day Dynamics of Cutting Course” to further their education, at the Mazella&Palmer Academy. The Academies team educates throughout the world, teaching the concepts of “Not just how to cut hair, but why”, and “Advantage Through Technique”. Mazella&Palmer has the understanding that the stylists coming to them for...

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Soho Job Opening - Stylist Assistant / Receptionist

Are you eager for a new challenge or maybe even new to the hair industry and hungry for an opportunity to work with some of the best stylists at one of the top salons in Edmonton?    We are looking for a Stylist Assistant / Receptionist to keep Soho running smoothly while our Salon Coordinator is away on an extended vacation during November and December.  Upon her return, this position could transition into a full-time...

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