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California to Edmonton - Our week of advanced hair training in CA

Visit the Soho Instagram page HERE I am so excited to write this blog! The Soho Styling Team recently had the incredible opportunity to take a five-day private Bespoke Cutting Class at the Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica and a one-day private color class at Butterfly Loft. It was simply amazing! North American Creative Director, Traci Sakosits and Creative Director, Cole Thompson spearheaded our class at Sassoon. Our week was hyper focused on understanding and gaining...

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Sassoon Salon Educator Training - A Dream come true!

As a professional stylist, I have always loved helping and teaching others. I come from a family of teachers and teaching is one of my biggest passions in life.  When I found out that I was one of eight lucky people in the world this year to be accepted into the Sassoon Salon Educator program in Santa Monica, it was quite literally a dream come true.   Ever since I opened the door at Soho...

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Bringing Sassoon to Edmonton from the Academy in Santa Monica, California

I write this blog today reflecting on our recent trip to the prestigious Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica and as always, I am full of pride for the team of amazing women at Soho and their commitment to excellence.  The art of cutting hair is a constant journey for perfection and after 4 years of business in Edmonton, I'm certain that it's Team Soho's passion for life long learning that makes our little salon stand out from...

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2 Years Ago Today The Doors Opened At Soho

Two years ago to the day, we opened the doors at Soho and never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine we'd be where we are today! I feel so very fortunate to work with a group of extremely talented stylists who have the same level of passion that I do for the Sassoon way of cutting and colouring hair.  Not to mention, our clients are the best in the Edmonton. On behalf of...

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The World Lost A Brilliant Man Today

My mentor and the man who has provided me with more inspiration than words can possibly describe passed away today.  At the age of 84, Vidal Sassoon passed away at his home in Los Angeles with his family by his side.  Famous for his geomteric Mary Quant bob cut, he truly changed the world of hair and single handledy revolutionized an entire industry. Vidal had a remarkable impact on my career as a hair stylist...

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Est-elle Hair Academy - The Commercial

Almost 15 years ago to the day, I walked into Est-elle Hair Academy not knowing if I was cut-out to be a hair stylist.  It literally took me only a week to realize that I had found my calling but I knew I still had a mountain of training ahead of me.  Thanks to the first class, professional education team at Est-elle's, I walked out of the school a year later with not only the...

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Photo Journal: An Inspiring 3 Days With Mark Hayes

Earlier this month I had one the most amazing and inspiring experiences of my professional styling career.  I'm not sure I completely believe it yet, but I actually had the opportunity to meet and train with the International Creative Director for Sassoon, Mark Hayes who is based in London, England.  I was one of 6 hairstylists in Canada who attended a three day Collection Course in Toronto with Mark Hayes and Tracey Sakosits, the Regional Creative...

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A Dream Come True: 3 Days With The Head Of Sassoon

Over the last 15 years as a hair stylist in Edmonton, my passion and hunger for education has never stopped for a second.  Starting with my time working for Eveline Charles, I was fortunate to travel with her across North America to a variety of industry events where I had the opportuntiy to meet and be taught by some of the most talented and well respected people in the world of hair.  It was about...

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Soho: Fashion Magazine's Best Canadian Hair Salon List

The whole salon team at Soho in Edmonton has just received some very exciting news!  Although we have not seen the magazine yet, we've just found out that Soho Master Hair Stylists was named as one of Fashion Magazine's Best Canadian Hair Salons in the August edition.   I had a good laugh at the irony of the cover photo.  It's so very fitting that Gaga is on the cover and just like myself, one of her biggest...

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