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Soho @ Sassoon in London, UK!

In 2005 I took my first Sassoon Creative Cutting Course in London, England and it forever altered the course of my life and the path of my career in an incredibly meaningful way. It was during that course that I found my way onto Sassoon’s path. Exactly five years later and six months after I opened the doors at Soho, I found myself back in London at the Sassoon Academy. It was on that trip...

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ABC Cutting Diploma At The Sassoon Academy

After a week away in sunny Santa Monica at the legendary Sassoon Academy, we’re back and ready to share with our clients the cutting edge Sassoon techniques we’ve brought home in our tool belt. Our course, ABC Cutting, was 100% devoted to Sassoon’s famous cutting methodology and it was truly everything we expected it to be and much, much more.  For an entire week we were immersed in intensive hands-on practical work sessions and detailed...

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Soho Closed April 1 to April 10

After several weeks of anticipation, the big day has finally arrived and today the styling team at Soho is off to Los Angeles for a full week of advanced training at the prestigious Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California!   During our time away the salon will be closed from April 1st to April 10th. Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you back in the salon on April 11th! Team Soho ...

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Team Soho Is Getting On An Airplane

If there is one thing I love most about being a hair stylist is the fact that the journey to learn everything there is to know about hair is a never ending journey.  It doesn't matter if a stylist has been styling for 1 year or a 100. There will always be new fashion seasons, new hair trends and new techniques, and that's what keeps me inspired and in love with my profession.   With...

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