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ABC Cutting Diploma At The Sassoon Academy

After a week away in sunny Santa Monica at the legendary Sassoon Academy, we’re back and ready to share with our clients the cutting edge Sassoon techniques we’ve brought home in our tool belt.

Our course, ABC Cutting, was 100% devoted to Sassoon’s famous cutting methodology and it was truly everything we expected it to be and much, much more.  For an entire week we were immersed in intensive hands-on practical work sessions and detailed tutorials with live models.  The entire team left the Academy with a renewed confidence in their ability to perfect the lines, graduations and layers of the Sassoon cuts.

We would like to thank our wonderful teacher Randall who has been with the Sassoon family for over 25 years for sharing his knowlegede and insipiring us to be the best hair stylists we can be. 

Sassoon Graduation Day
Graduation Day!
Ashley, Randall (Instructor), Jodie, Carole, Lia


Carole watching Randall work his magic.

Learning the latest cuts for men.

Live hands on demonstration by Randall and Tina.

Carole Lemire
Soho Master Hair Stylists
Edmonton, Alberta

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